Kweli Journal is a non-profit literary publication founded by editor Laura Pegram. Ms. Pegram is an “author, educator, and a jazz vocalist whose cabaret performance teamed her with jazz pianist, Donald Smith, Ms. Pegram is also a painter.”

Kweli Journal launched on December 3, 2009. As stated on its website, “Kweli (pronounced KWEH lee) is Swahili in origin and means truth. Kweli Journal seeks to expand and broaden how truth is defined and interpreted. The journal hopes to enhance our understanding of human nature through the creativity of those authors and artists whose work is published with Kweli.”

Kweli Journal offers a platform for high quality and culturally diverse short fiction, poetry, non-fiction and media such as photography. The editors are interested in unpublished work, and dedicated to bringing to the spotlight emerging writers and artists whose talent, they are convinced, will leave strong imprint in the universe of children’s and adult literature.

The work of author Nelly Rosario and of acclaimed poet Patricia Spears Jones, the short stories of Princess Joy L. Perry and Ivelysse Rodriguez, the excerpt from Owami and the Cheese Girl, by Ms. Simone Henry, are just a few of the pieces that are a testimony to Kweli Journal’s high standards and dedication to its readers.

I  can’t say enough of the nurturing care the journal provide to their writers. Kweli is a safe haven for the beginner multicultural storyteller and overall artist, who will benefit from the editors’ help and have a deep understanding of what editing really is about, and of how far you can push it to squeeze that ultimate drop of creative juice that will strengthen one’s work.

If you write short stories, are a poet, a photograph or use any other medium, please consider submitting for the next issue. The submission deadline for the Spring/Summer issue is February 10, 2010.

I invite you to stop by and read the amazing work that is currently displayed on Kweli’s website.

Click on the following links for more information on Kweli Journal:
Kweli Journal’s Website
Become a Kweli Journal Fan

Edited 3.23.2011 to update Kweli’s links.

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