Humor me while I indulge myself in one of my favorite activities: stating the obvious. My topic today revolves around thanksgiving–the gestture, not the holiday.

You see, thanksgiving doesn’t know that there is a special day of the year dedicated just for him (do not ask me why I gave “it” a male attribute). In my version he wanders around like a hunter armed with arrows à-la-Cupidon. I am the wounded victim, forced to acknowledge that I have much to be grateful for, starting with the wonderful community of artists, readers, writers, illustrators, agents and editors of all horizons I have been fortunate to meet in the last few years. But enough about me already.

This is a shout-out to all Angel Donors out there, and to the one secretly, discreetly living in you.

Angel Donors are an elusive species. They are anonymous celebrities and, by extension, an oxymoron. You will probably never know their identity. Well, sometimes you will be fortunate enough to meet them, like a Cinderella attending the ball (*wink to the fAiRy GoDsIsTeRs, iNk, and to Amy Lynn Spitzley*).

They are angels in that they take interest in your journey, even if just for a short period of time. They want you not only to arrive to your destination, but to arrive safely as well. I mean it literally. 🙂 Keep reading and you will understand why. They are dressed with humility; indeed, they make it about you, not about them, despite the impressive list of accomplishments they are to be proud of. They perform miracles by making seemingly impossible dreams come true.

Shatter the traditional image of angel donor here, for a minute. It is not just about the money you might receive in the form of a scholarship. We are talking about people who selflessly give of their time to share their experience, to help you make your work the best it can be. A seasoned writer, editor, agent, or else depending on the area of expertise, who will give you a feedback that will make a difference and help you improve your skill. At a conference. On a message board. In a chat room. When it comes to giving, there is no small act.

Are these people acknowledged enough? Thanked enough? Known enough?

I am obviously passionate about cultural diversity in literature. I thank all the people who generously provide with all type of resources: books, information, events, collaboration, lively discussions…

The bottom line is: there are resources out there. There are scholarships to attend conferences. There are ways to speak directly with an editor, agent or award-winning author and to receive answers to your most burning questions. Thanks to the people who make it happen.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Don’t Do Seasons: Celebrating Angel Donors!

  1. Wonderful theme Nathalie. I agree with all you said, there are lots of Angels out there, in all forms. You are my angel!!!


    1. It feels good to start the year with a grateful heart and as we already know, everything in the publishing business, from the conception of a book, to its development and availability to the reader, including a writer’s personal development, is a team work… 🙂


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