Back in 2009, I was badly looking for multicultural middle grade (MG) and young adult novels (YA) I would read during my Christmas break. I feared I could not devote a proper time to research, and I yearned to find online resources that would provide me not only with great titles I might miss in a library or bookstore, but with reviews as well. I found all that and much more in Ari’s blog, READING IN COLOR.

Reading in Color was started in July 2009 by high school student Ari, aka MissAttitude, and focuses on YA books about people of color (poc). The blog offers book reviews, author interviews and broadens your literary horizons through various reading challenges in the most engaging ways.

What makes Reading in Color so remarkable?

  1. The mastermind behind it: the blogger. How Ari manages to be an assiduous student and an avid reader, while providing us with posts of an exceptional quality is beyond me. It forces the admiration. Whether you are a writer or otherwise passionate reader of YA literature, she offers a heartfelt insight and in-depth analysis of books about people of color, leading you to understand what she identifies as the strengths in the plot, character development, pace and other components of a well written book, as well as the weaknesses.
  2. The Diversity and the quality of the blog’s content. There is an open-mindedness about culturally diverse YA Lit that is evident throughout the different genres showcased. The range of selection is so wide that I challenge the most reluctant reader not to stumble upon a title he or she will soon find him or herself interested in: adventure, chick lit, historical fiction, fantasy, GLBTQ… I was particularly drawn to the challenges. I joined the 10 in ’10 GLBTQ challenge, as well as the historical fiction reading one, which dares me to read 22 titles in one year. I am aiming for 10, like for the GLBTQ one, because of my school and writing schedule. Some other challenges are: South Asian Author Challenge, 2010 Debut Author Challenge, the Global Challenge, which encourages to read books by foreign authors. To review books, Ari has an elaborated rating system, which uses a scale of one to five, five being the best, as explained on her blog. Contests and book giveaways are other attractive features.
  3. Ari listens to her readers and delivers. She pays careful attention to the comments, constantly interacting with the readers. She also currently has a poll, which will be up until the end of this week, and through which she inquires about what readers wish to see as regular features in Reading in Color.

Of the many qualities there are to admire, I applaud Ari’s sense of initiative, her passion and generosity, but above all, her time management skills. 🙂 Reading in Color is also a great location to learn about more multicultural blogs.

Have you ever had questions about book reviewers? An interview of Ari will be posted this coming Monday, January 18, 2010!

For more information, check Reading in Color at

Have a merry Tuesday! 🙂

17 thoughts on “A Must-Know Blog About YA Lit: Reading In Color!

    1. It’s so funny: sometimes I know what I’m craving for in a book, look for something particular, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to find it. Sure enough, the same week she blogs about it, or has a challenge focused on that topic. 😀


  1. Aw Nathalie this is such a sweet write up! I’m so glad that I can be a good resource and the idea that in my own small way I’m helping to fill a huge hole makes me feel useful 🙂

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m linking to this interview 🙂 I’m curious as to what quote Tamara is referring to?


  2. Hi Ari, it was a quote having to do with participating in church than just merely attending, then being compared to standing in a garage doesn’t make you more of a car…something to that affect.
    I see that the quote has changed – this one by Jeanette Winterson really resonates with me! Thanks!


  3. Ohhh yes! I know the one you’re talking about. I love great quotes so I’m always happy to share (I’m a quotes junky, I have them everywhere!)


  4. Thanks for letting us know about this blog, Nathalie.
    Ari, I love that you are so passionate about books and reading–you’re doing a great job with your blog!!


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