What is holding you back? When it comes to writing, the list can be quite long: a busy schedule, the fact that you consider MC (your main character) your child, thus refuses to be hard on him/her, and… *add your contribution here!*

Boldness and creativity are good friends, so I give you and myself a boldness challenge!

Take 10 minutes. Place your character in a foreign country, as different as possible from his world. Make your character do the boldest thing that comes to mind as soon as you’re ready to write.

Do not outline. Do not ponder. Do not delay. Just write!

If later you have a minute, feel free to share: how did it go?

Here’s to a bold and creative day! Peace,


PS: Have you signed yet? 🙂 http://www.petol.org/bc4all

10 thoughts on “Thursday Tip: Boldness!

  1. I’m a good grrrl, I signed. 🙂

    I had a laugh at the writing suggestion. My #1 MC originated in a series of fan-fic novels (now withdrawn from the web). In the second one, he was tossed 30,000 years into the future (his future, our time), and selltled in nicely as a drummer in a garage band. That bold enough? *grin*


  2. What a fabulous suggestion to jump start the imagination!
    I once heard Holly McGhee (agent – Pippin Properties) speak at a conference a couple of years back say that your best work comes from pushing your boundaries, like walking a tight rope between fear and exhilaration!


  3. I’m living on the tightrope. Trying not to let fear of failure and fear of success get so confused that I’m not sure what I’m doing! Thanks for the post, Nathalie.


  4. I like your thinking Nathalie. Wonderful exercise. Creativity has a way of creeping in when you least expect it. You are right, grab it and go with the flow.


    1. “Creativity has a way of creeping in when you least expect it.” I’m kinda hoping it’ll show up today. Let’s see if that will happen. 😀

      For that exercise my main character ended up in Turkey at the bottom of a well. He was in the dark and started hearing strange noises. He cell phone was of no help. 😀


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