if you read Friday post, you saw a note about an anthology of international science fiction stories. So today’s choice is for an audience older than usual, meaning the eighteen-year-old teenager on his way to the New Adult material and beyond:

The Apex Book of World SF
Genre: Science fiction

That international anthology was orchestrated by award winning author and world traveler Lavie Thidar. I can’t help my curiosity regarding such a unique experience. I wonder what it is like to work with authors from around the world. How do you make it happen? Does it go smoothly? Was there a language barrier at some point or any cultural elements that challenged the making of the Apex Book of World SF? Lavie Tidhar graciously offered to answer these questions and more. So tune in to read his interview in the future!

The Apex Book of World SF immediately caught my interest because of its concept: sixteen science fiction short stories, written by authors from countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, China, Israel, Pakistan, Serbia, Croatia and Malaysia, just to name a few… How often do you see that?

I find the concept exciting and unique for the American market,  an invitation to discover SF as thought and experienced by Non-Western cultures. Lavie Tidhar exclusively shared with Multiculturalism Rocks! the opening lines of the anthology. The first story featured is “The Bird Catcher,” written by Thai writer/composer S. P. Somtow:

“There was this other boy in the internment camp.  His name was Jim.  After the war, he made something of a name for himself.  He wrote books, even a memoir of the camp that got turned into a Spielberg movie.  It didn’t turn out that gloriously for me.”

I also warmly recommend visiting the website that started as a companion to the anthology: The World SF News Blog, where you will find the latest about international science fiction, including author interviews. Today’s editorial features writer Guy Hasson, who shared about Writing for Two Cultures: writing for Americans vs. writing for foreigners. Hasson covers the issue of race, as well as social class (middle class woes vs. real life woes)… It’s interesting and thought provoking.

The Apex Book of World SF is on a clock deadline: the anthology received good reviews, but needs to sell a certain amount of copies by the end of January. Lavie Tidhar says it best: ““We’ve been getting good reviews, some great readers – but we still need your help. Specifically – we need to sell 92 copies until the end of this month.”

I will update this post later to let you know if they reached their goal.

For more information on the World of SF News and the anthology, click below:
The World SF News Blog
Read The Wheel of Samsara, by Han Song, an acclaimed Chinese Sf writer and journalist for the Xinhua News Agency. It is one of the stories featured in the Apex Book of World SF.
The Apex Book of World SF
Lavie Tidhar’s Blog
To contact Lavie, visit the About page of The World SF News Blog.
And I’m adding this link because the post showcases some SF books with POC and stunning covers!

Note: labeled here as foreign because of most of the authors are not US-based. Reminder that this is 18 & up. At least one of the stories has a mature content.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! 🙂

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