launched a literacy project on February 1, 2010! I hope you will check it out and offer your support, not only because the organization is off to a wonderful start, but especially because of all the lives they will encourage, touch and change through the project. πŸ™‚

The Spirit of PaperTigers aims to help children over the world be hungry and lifelong readers, with a particular focus on Africa, the Americas and Asia. In doing so PaperTigers works with other organizations, as well as individuals. They put together a book set of pieces published the year(s) before–so for 2010 the set is comprised of books published in 2008 and 2009. The books are carefully selected by librarians, teachers and writers in order to be the best fit possible for young readers of diverse backgrounds; the goal is to engage a child’s curiosity while promoting a greater understanding and empathy that will transcend geographical borders. It is best expressed through the organizers’ words:

“we focus on books that promote awareness of, knowledge about, and positive acceptance of β€œthe other”, books that encourage empathy and understanding. We aim to do this through books children and young adults enjoy reading rather than books they would regard as medicine adults force them to take!”

The books go to places where they are the most needed and where they are the most difficult to obtain; that include schools and libraries in the regions mentioned above. Several publishers partnered by donating up to 50% of the book set. The rest is comprised of donations by individuals.

I invite you to check out the fabulous list of books selected for children, schools & libraries in need by clicking here.

In addition, PaperTigers interviewed the related authors and illustrators, Claire A. Nivola who wrote and illustrated Planting the Trees of Kenya, and Grace Lin–author of Year of the Dog— whose book Where the Mountain Meets the Moon was selected for the project. These are just a few of the names; you will find more interviews of authors on PaperTigers website.

In summary and to learn more about the Spirit of PaperTigers, click on the following links:
o Spirit of PaperTigers Web Page
o 2010 Book Set
o Interviews of the authors & illustrators of books selected for the 2010 book set

In addition, PaperTigers blog is a great resource for reviews of a wide range of multicultural books for young readers and literary event.

PaperTigers is part of the nominating body for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, which is the world’s most prestigious international award for children’s literature, and has “been chosen by the American Library Association as one of the ‘Great Web Sites’ for teachers, librarians and parents,” as stated on its website. πŸ™‚

A previous post about PaperTigers can be found here.

Multiculturalism Rocks! thanks the following publishers for their partnership with the Spirit of PaperTigers:
o Children’s Books Press
o Lee & Low Books
o Barefoot Books
o Groundwood Books
o Little, Brown BYR
o Farrar, Strauss & Giroux
o Kids Can Press

Thank you all for reading, for your interest in the Spirit of PaperTigers and for spreading the word. πŸ™‚



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