Thursday Tip: People Watching

Today is another mini-challenge. The idea is simple, easy and potentially fun to execute. You pick your favorite public place, and instead of going with the flow, losing yourself in the crowd or hoovering over the latest bestsellers, arm yourself with a pencil and a notebook. Sit back, and observe the people around you. Pick one person. Write his or her story in ten lines. You can do it based purely on your imagination, or take clues from your observations (facial expression, clothes, etc…) 🙂


About Nathalie Mvondo

Nathalie Mvondo lives in Northern California. She is a writer, a blogger, a community organizer and a social entrepreneur.
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5 Responses to Thursday Tip: People Watching

  1. Cheryl says:

    So much fun, like a voyeur! I will have to get on that one because I LOVE doing that!! I’ve done it before, it is a great exercise on using one’s imagination.


  2. Bookewyrme says:

    I do this in my head all the time! In fact, in public, I’m always people watching. People are just so fascinating!


  3. I already do this in my head, but it sounds like a great writing exercise.


  4. Hi, thank you for stopping by! 😀
    I come up with the strangest ideas when I do that exercise… 🙂


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