Foreign Books Worth Knowing: YOKO TSUNO, by Roger Leloup

Coincidentally today I’m presenting another Cinebooks’ publication. I confess that Yoko Tsuno used to be one of my guilty pleasures growing up, in great part because of Yoko’s strong personality, and obviously because I found the stories quite engaging.

    Leloup, Roger. Yoko Tsuno. Cinebook, LTD, 2007

Genre: Comic Book, series

Issue/Topic: modern fantasy, science fiction.

Summary: Yoko Tsuno is a Japanese teenager who travels throughout the universe and always finds herself helping people in danger. Her stories also depict civilization from other planets as well as creative scientific devices.

Application: It makes for a good, light and enjoyable reading, while presenting the positive image of a strong female character to the reader. The series also enables the young reader to experience a “different” literary genre, as that type of science-fiction is appealing to both kids and grown-ups.

Age: 9 & up.

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4 Responses to Foreign Books Worth Knowing: YOKO TSUNO, by Roger Leloup

  1. Ari says:

    This sounds like a wonderful book! I’ve started seeing Japanese literature popping up more and more. I often read about it at Gal Novelty (most recently in the Melancholy Life of Haruhi) and now I see it here in Yoko Tsuno. The book sounds really good. do you know if it’s been translated to English? I love this meem so much, except it makes me wish I spoke many different languages!


    • Hi Ari!

      Yes, that has been translated in English. I’m sure any bookstore can order it, and it is also available on Amazon. I was surprised not to see it on Indiebound though…

      Gal Novelty is such a great resource! Thanks for interviewing her. I’m glad that we’re getting more and more introduced to Asian kid lit. I could go on that topic, lol! πŸ™‚


  2. Blythe says:

    Thank you for posting this. I’m delighted and excited to read it.


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