Thursday Tip: THE WRITER’S RAP, by Erin Dealey, music by Andrew Heringer

Today’s theme: How Do You Write a Book?

Answer: A humorous yet oh-so-true Rap video, with lyrics by author Erin Dealey, music and video by artist Andrew Heringer. It’s all about the WORD.

Erin Dealey is a writer, a teacher, a performer and a member of the notorious SCBWI, also known as the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Erin, already well known in the literary world for humor and rhyming skills, received rave reviews for her books Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox and Little Bo Peep Can’t Go to Sleep. It’s funny how you think you know people, and then one day they stun you with their hidden rap skills! Yo, Erin. πŸ˜€

Andrew Heringer is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who has already performed over two hundred shows with his band. Do you like Dave Matthews Band? ( I so do!) If yes, you are highly susceptible to like Andrew Heringer’s first album, the Paradise Sessions. πŸ™‚

Both Erin and Andrew live in Northern California. Now the video!

For more information on Erin Dealy:
Erin Dealey Website
Erin’s Blog
Follow Erin on Twitter

For more information on Andrew Heringer:
Andrew Heringer Website
Would like to listen to Andrew’s music? Andrew Heringer MySpace
Follow Andrew on Twitter

Wishing you all an inspiring and rapstatic day,



About Nathalie Mvondo

Nathalie Mvondo lives in Northern California. She is a writer, a blogger, a community organizer and a social entrepreneur.
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12 Responses to Thursday Tip: THE WRITER’S RAP, by Erin Dealey, music by Andrew Heringer

  1. leslie says:

    I LOVE Erin Dealy and the rap will undoubtedly become a classic (right up there with “Pants on the Ground”)!


  2. Now “You Gotta Have a Hook” is stuck in my head.


  3. Karen Strong says:

    Ha, ha. That was too funny. I had heard about this but never have seen it.


  4. Bookewyrme says:

    Hehe! The Shakespeare finger puppet was my favorite bit! I want one of those now! πŸ˜€


  5. Erin Dealey says:

    Hi Nathalie,
    Checked in to read your great interview with Anne Marie Anderson (Scholastic) and realized I hadn’t thanked you for featuring The Writer’s Rap! Belated thank yous.
    PS My dog MAX has gotten so much fan mail, he is working on his own video. Stay tuned! : )

    Twitter: @erindealey


  6. Erin Dealey says:

    oops! I meant AnnMarie–saw my mistake the minute I pushed submit.


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