Some non-fiction books are just educational, and you read them like you would swallow a necessary medicine, like cold liver syrup, praying that the sweet and bitter liquid does not linger in your tongue. However PEACEBUILDERS: DAISAKU IKEDA & JOSEI TODA, BUDDHIST LEADERS, written by M. LaVora Perry, is one of those books that you read in one sitting because you can’t put it down until you’ve turned the last page. In addition to being informative, the book allows for a guessing game starting at page 96 when looking at the photo album.

PEACEBUILDERS, an early chapter book, is easy to read for children and captivating for all audience. The book opens with a crash course on Japanese phonetic, and takes the reader on a cultural journey from that point on, while introducing aspects of Buddhism that made an impact on the world as we know it today.

PEACEBUILERS is structured in two parts. The reader learns about Daisaku’s childhood, and then is given a humbling overview of his and Josei Toda’s accomplishments. We have all heard of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Mohandas Ghandi; we are not necessarily as familiar with Daisaku Ikeda and Josei Toda and with the fact that their thrive for world peace has significantly impacted nations worldwide and touched countless lives.

PEACEBUILDERS reminds us that today’s children are tomorrow leaders, which makes it a most inspiring read for kids. Through real life’s examples, it tells a child of the steps through which one becomes a human rights activist. It illustrates how far one can go when not giving up on his or her dreams despite the trials. The book also highlights the benefits of having a mentor, a notion that is sometimes forgotten in today’s competitive world.

So what does it take to build world peace? How does a man who does not have a bachelor goes on to earning over 270 honorary doctorate degrees from worldwide institutions? How does one make an impact on the United Nations? How does one’s words inspire and touch people’s lives regardless of their cultures of origin?

Find out by reading PEACEBUILDERS! The book will be available on World Day Peace, March 16, in a bookstore near you and online.

About the author: M. Lavora PERRY is the author of the acclaimed TANEESHA Series. She founded Forest Hill Publishing, LLC in 2004. Some of FHP titles include her guide, SUCCESSFUL SELF PUBLISHING (2005), as well as LEBRON JAMES—KING OF THE COURT, a young adult biography by New York author and journalist Beverly Robinson, as well as its study guide by Chicken Soup series author Nancy Gilliam.

Ms. Perry “has practiced Buddhism as a member of the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) since 1987. She publishes, a Buddhist website with articles and information written by her and others. “

Ms. Perry conducts workshops for children, teens, and adults on writing and publishing books. As the founder of Forest Hill Publishing, she currently seeks stories of organ and tissue transplant recipients and donors.

An interview of LaVora Perry will be available this Thursday Feb. 18 on the Brown Bookshelf, as part of Black History Month celebration.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day,

Nathalie 🙂

Source: The version I read was an ARC received from the author.
Updated 02/17/2010: A contest and message from the author:
Students grades K – 12 can win a copy of PEACEBUILDERS in the PEACEBUILDERS Essay Contest. Entry deadline is March 16, 2010. For details go to my BookCover blog:

13 thoughts on “Book Review: PEACEBUILDERS, DAISAKU IKEDA & JOSEI TODA, by M. LaVora Perry

  1. Okay, I saw this at Ari’s and I’ve talked to LaVora. How did I not ask her for a copy. I want to repub this later, Nathalie at Color Online and I need to write LaVora.


    1. Thanks so much for your review, Nathalie! A response like yours is exactly the kind I hoped for. Not only because you enjoyed PEACEBUILDERS but because you tuned in to what I hoped to convey with this book in a way that didn’t seem heavy–that children are our hope the future and each one of them already possesses tremendous greatness.


      1. Ooops–now that I reread your message, Susan, I’m not sure you were saying you wanted a review copy of PEACEBUILDEWRS! But, in any case, one’s coming…



  2. Hi Nathalie,

    Taking a page from Gbemi’s (Eighth Grade Super Zero) book, I’ve just launched a PEACEBUILDERS essay contest:

    Students grades K – 12 can win a copy of PEACEBUILDERS in the PEACEBUILDERS Essay Contest. Entry deadline is March 16, 2010. For details go to my BookCover blog:


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