Hi everyone,

today I can’t quite write. I started a post yesterday, but will publish it only later this week. Meanwhile I will share with you some of the blogs that I read recently. Several of them are likely to catch your attention:

o Diversify Your Reading: Diversify Your Reading is an ongoing project done by both blogger(s) and readers. There you will find a data base of authors and titles, organized by continent and ethnicity/nationalities. They go as far as mentioning the country of origin as well as where the author currently lives, so you can easily find a Japanese Canadian author for example.

o Crazy Quilts: Edi, at Crazy Quilts, has a SundayReads that is still stuck in my mind. How much do you know about Anna Julia Cooper? That woman deserves a children’s book, if there isn’t already one about her out there (Let me know if you know of a title, I want to read it). And Facebook recently released its data regarding the percentage of diversity among its readers. You will find more about it on Edi’s blog, too.

o Apophenia: Now. Have you ever heard of ChatRoulette? I hadn’t either until recently. danah boyd–yes, she writes her name in small caps; don’t roll your eyes thinking I just made a huge typo. For once, I’m innocent! 😀 So danah boyd works for Microsoft Research and collects the most fascinating data in the entire universe. Check out one of the strangest experiments I’ve ever heard of, the ChatRoulette. Makes me wonder what we will come up with next. I first heard about her from Greg Pincus (more on him in another post this week. Trust me, it’s worth the wait; you won’t be disappointed!).

o Racialicious: Racialicious reviewed the movie My Name is Khan, and frankly I hope to see it before it gets off-screen. Have you seen it?

o Worducopia: Worducopia is holding a Diversity Roll Call. If you’ve read a magazine or literary journal focused on, geared toward or representing minorities, and if you are a blogger, please consider writing a post to let people know, and click on the link I provided to register your website. 🙂

o Ari did just that Sunday, on her blog Reading in Color: thanks to her I learned about “Gaspar Yanga who is a Black Mexican hero that battled the Spanish for Mexican independence. He founded the first free black township on Mexico.” Cool, right?

I’ll stop there before you feel overwhelmed by all these recommendations. If you’re craving for more, check the multicultural blog roll. 🙂

The following music has been stuck in my head for the past few days, so I’ll share it with you and leave you on a musical note:

4 thoughts on “A Multicultural Round-Up

  1. I haven’t seen the movie, My Name is Khan – I actually never heard of it. Will have to check into it.
    I found ChatRoulette interesting. Chatting online like that could definitely be risky, so I found danah boyd’s comments about her online chatting experience surprising.


  2. That is a really catchy tune, no wonder it’s been stuck in your head.

    Love your resource round-up, and thanks for the link to the Diversity Roll Call, I appreciate it!


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