So. How familiar are you with Asian cultures?
“I can’t believe you’re asking this,” I hear say in the background. Bear with me. I’m still catching up. 😀

Shen’s Books is one those publishing houses, aka rare gems, solely dedicated to multicultural books for children. With an emphasis on cultural diversity and tolerance, Shen’s Books focus is to introduce children to the cultures of Asia. I love the “s” of “cultures”, which reminds us that Asia is a continent rich in diversity, and that each Asian ethnicity has a unique and complex identity.

One of Shen’s Books bestellers and trademarks is the Cinderella Series, which opens the doors to the fascinating world of the multiple accounts of the folktale. The reader discovers the Hmong version of Cinderella, the Indian, Cambodian and Filipino one, just to quote a few.

Books are also categorized by region.

Submission guidelines
Shen’s Books in mainly interested in picture book manuscripts of fewer than 2,500 words.
Note that Shen’s Books does not accept queries, but full manuscript submissions with a cover letter. Submit by mail and include a SASE. For the complete guidelines for writers and illustrators as well as Shen’s mailing address, visit

Shen’s Blog
A jewel! If I may say, consider bookmarking it. The blog is maintained by Renee Ting, President of Shen’s Books, and Emily Jiang, writer of children’s and YA literature. This week there is an interesting post regarding characters’ voice in multicultural books. What do you think? Shall a writer refrain from having a main character of a culture different from his?
What also sets Shen’s blog apart is the Multicultural Minute video, which features authors’ opinions on various topics related to multicultural books, all wrapped up in one minute. The following video of mega author Christine Taylor-Butler, dated from February 4, 2010, filled my heart with joy.

A Recap of Shen’s Books Links
o Shen’s Books Submission Guidelines
o Shen’s Blog
o Follow Renee Ting on Twitter

Additional link:
o Interview of Renee Ting by author Mitali Perkins

Wishing you could put your hands on one of Shen’s Books? Your wish has been granted! Shen’s currently has several discounts available on its website, including on the whole Cinderella set. There will be a roundup of several of Shen’s publications soon, as well as an interview of its President, Renee Ting up this coming Monday.

Book Drawing
Shen’s Books holds a monthly drawing, through which the winner receives three free books of his or her choice. Click on the logo below to participate, and spread the word!

7 thoughts on “MC Publishers: SHEN’S BOOKS

  1. Nathalie, thanks so much for telling us about Shen’s Books, and especially for posting a link to Renee’s blog regarding characters’ voice in multicultural books. Her POV was encouraging to me since I’m writing a historical YA novel with main characters out of my culture. I loved her statement: “I urge authors to write on whatever subjects most move you, and from the point of view that most moves you” because I *am* very moved by the subject matter I’m writing about, and it was necessary to tell the story from the POV of someone outside my culture. I appreciated reading Renee’s opinion on this. Thanks!!!


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