I’m posting this video just in case you missed it. Chances are you’ve already seen it. I hope.
The link is from PenguinGroupUSA Youtube page. The video is an initiative of the UK branch DK Books (my, my. Remember DIPNET? I’m telling you, publishers are quite vocal in the UK :D). There is a twist at the end, so it is very important to read the message in its entirety.

Hope you enjoy. A big thanks to DK for this powerful message. Feel free to share your thoughts and to spread the word. Thanks! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Video: The Future of Publishing, By DK (UK Branch)

  1. Wow – what an amazing BIG idea!
    When I taught Grade 6 and 7 students I could see leadership potential emerging. This generation want to think about real ideas and want to search for solutions for the BIG problems. They want their thoughts to be challenged and want to challenge what media thinks they should do.
    Thank you for sharing, Nathalie!


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