Warning: the following post might make you smile.

Hi everyone!

How do you handle rough drafts? Ever got writing advice from a dog? Well. That day has arrived! 😀
Max rose to fame in author Erin Dealey’s Writer Rap Video. After receiving lots of fans’ emails, he decided to step out of his discreet and busy life to barf about entertain us by sharing the secret of his writing process.

I can’t help but ask you: is/are your pet(s) part of your writing process?

Merry Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Tip: Max the Writer on ROUGH DRAFTS

  1. Hey Nathalie – Saw your post on AW. You’ve got a lot going on here, and it looks great!

    So as to your question…My cat Chloë is indeed part of my writing process, or more accurately an impediment to the process. She jumps up on the desk, bats around any papers or pens lying around, stands in front of the computer monitor, steps on the keyboard, etc. It sometimes makes me feel terribly guilty about neglecting her! But, she was once the inspiration for a blog post and there’s something comforting about looking over at her sleeping on the bed while I’m writing.

    Good luck with your projects!


    1. Hi, Andy! Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

      I find Chloë’s personality awesome, quite engaging! My cats are not at all like that, they show their support when I write by… sleeping. Little Grey has this habit of squeezing herself between me and my laptop, literally falling asleep in my arms while I type, while Idefix is a heck of a book reader (I got proof :D).

      Best of luck with your writing projects as well.


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