* The registration for Best Blog Appreciation Week (BBAW) will close on July 7th. BBAW will take place from September 13 to September 17, 2010. Most of the summer will be used by participants to review blogs (outside their category).

If you have a blog, consider participating by registering your blog and by becoming a judge. Click here to join.

You can also get the latest info on BBAW through their Facebook page and Twitter.

* I would like to thank the National Book Development Council of Singapore for adding Multiculturalism Rocks! to their blog roll. I am deeply grateful and admirative of the Council’s work. As stated on their website, NBDCS “is a non-profit umbrella body inaugurated in February 1969 to promote storytelling, reading, writing and publishing. The Book Council brings the book industry and literary community together through social events, courses, seminars, conferences and author lectures.”

“The Book Council has now set its sight on energizing writers, publishers and related professional bodies with the objective of developing Singapore into an international centre for writers and publishers of Asian content. ”

NBDCS is the organizer of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC). If you remember, Tarie, from Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind treated us with a wonderful guest post about the event. I love the fact that their mailing address is linked to a public library (librarians rock!). πŸ˜‰

For more information about NBDCS, visit:
o The Singapore Book Council’s Website http://www.bookcouncil.sg/
o Singapore Book Council’s blog
o NBDCS on Facebook
o Follow NBDCS on Twitter!

* I received an award! Wow! Ari (Reading in Color), I’m touched and thank you for the Trendy Blog Award.

Here are the rules:
1. Post the award
2. Pass it on to 10 other bloggers

The following have influenced me in various ways in the past:
1- Author Ann Martin Bowler’s blog. Her activism speaks volume.
2- Terri and her blog Brown Girl Speaks.
3- Writer Cassy Lawrence and her blog Reach for More, which is bilingual (Spanish-English).
4- Author Medeia Sharif’s blog. I’m that close to think that she’s the Queen of giveaways.
5- Patricia Kaegi’s My Cosmopolitan Diary. Photography must be one of her hobbies. I love the pictures she takes.
6- Lee Wind’s the Zen of Blogging . If you find blogging stressful, you might wanna click on the link…
7- Diversify Your Reading
8- It’s Just Food, a blog about Food and nutrition.
9- This Nigerian Life, about a woman from Minnesota who emigrated to… Nigeria.
10- Word for Teens

Have a great week! πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “BBAW, Singapore Book Council & Trendy Blog Award

  1. Nathalie,

    Congrats on the award and addition to the National Book Development Council of Singapore’s b log roll. You deserve all the accolades you get for the great work you do here at Multiculturalism Rocks!


  2. Hi Nathalie,

    This is Jade from the Singapore Book Council. Eventhough our mailing address is linked to a public library in Singapore, we are actually a non-profit organisation that is operating independently of the library. We are just renting the place as our office. We are not librarians, but we work closely with them to promote storytelling, reading, writing and publishing in Singapore.


  3. Nathalie!
    I am so sorry!!! I saw the award you so graciously gave my food blog weeks ago and I haven’t picked it up yet! As you know, the thoughts I have for that blog haven’t quite gone to print just yet… Thanks so much for encouraging and believing!


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