Okay, last blog of the day:

Please check the updated post on Relief Efforts for Japan. Several children’s book writers are organizing efforts to help the victims of the earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan and its surrounding areas. Heidi R. Kling is one of them, setting up an operation SEA4TsunamiVictims.

About SEA: SEA is a novel written by Heidi R. Kling, published in June 2010, which takes place in the aftermath of the tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2004. You can only imagine the amount of messages and cries of distress author Heidi R. Kling has received since the latest catastrophe in Japan.

Heidi is donating 20% “of any new purchase of Sea, whether it be via Independent bookstore, Amazon, Nook, Kindle, discount stores, used online, or from me*, anywhere they sell books— to Doctors Without Borders.” Read her post on the topic here.

Please, tell me if you know of any kid lit initiative, and consider spreading the word.



4 thoughts on “Kid Lit and Japan Relief Efforts Update

  1. That’s very kind of Heidi.

    I love seeing new relief efforts over the web. The generosity is heart-warming and shows that when a tragedy happens halfway across the world, nations pull together to give support.


  2. Thanks for posting this, Nathalie. I like seeing talent being used for the common good! Like most of this, it makes me want to do more.


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