Culrtural Diversity & TV 2Hi everyone,

Join me in a little experiment and let’s be ready for the Emmy Awards ceremony by looking at their track records when it comes to cultural diversity – Keeping in mind the TV Shows categories (Comedy, Drama, Soap Opera), you’re invited to cast your vote by answering the following questions:

1- Which show would you nominate for its culturally diverse ensemble cast?

2- Who would you nominate as best lead actor? And best lead actress?

3- Who would you nominate as best supporting actress? Best supporting actor?

4- What TV Show, spotlighting a bit of cultural diversity through its cast or story, would you nominate for best writing?

5- Last but not least, what type of TV Shows or story lines/ plot lines would you like to see more on TV?

A big thank you for publisher Jason Low of LEE & LOW BOOKS for inspiring this post and starting yet another thought-provoking and sobering conversation. Please, make sure to read (and comment on) Where’s The Diversity? A Look At The Emmy Awards & TV, at the open book.

2 thoughts on “Cultural Diversity & The Emmy Awards – With Thanks to Publisher Lee & Low Books

    1. Thanks for your reply, Medeia. I don’t own a TV myself, but I catch a few shows online. Sometimes I become a fan and devour every episode — House, The Closer, Cosby Show (well, when I was younger), to quote a few. What I found challenging in writing this post was naming TV shows with a culturally diverse cast. When you look into it, I don’t think there are that many out there that are known, except for the ones created by Shonda Rhimes. If there are more than I think, then there might not be much buzz about them, or they appear to cater only to a niche (I mean an ethnic community), and the niche unfortunately isn’t being vocal about it.


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