Hi everyone! This has been an exciting month in the world of cultural diversity and children’s literature, with many articles published on the topic in mainstream media. Here are the ones that stood out. Happy reading!

Artwork by Julie Dillon, for BuzzFeed
Artwork by Julie Dillon, for BuzzFeed

1- Heaher Tomlinson, Author. Continuing The “Diversity” Conversation.

2- Daniel José Older, Buzzfeed Contributor, Author and Musician. Diversity Is Not Enough: Race, Power, Publishing.

3- Nina Terrero, Entertainment Weekly, Journalist. Kid Lit’s Primary Color: White–REPORT.

4- FREE WEBINAR by Booklist Online, delivered by experts from the American Library Association: Register now! Reaching All Readers: New Multicultural Books For Children And Teens.

5- Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson, featuring Walter Dean Myers and Chris Myers, Here & Now. Apartheird Or Just A General Lack Of Color?

6- And I got a kick out of this one: a tweet from mega-selling author Rick Riordan, whose contribution to cultural diversity in Kid Lit includes the Kane Chronicles Series. Read Kelly Jensen’s article on Bookriot’s website. We Need Bigger Megaphones for Diversity in Kid Lit.










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