Coco Mbassi

It’s quite a challenge to describe the range of emotions Coco Mbassi‘s music carries me through. You know how, sometimes, a song moves you even though you don’t understand the lyrics? I’m hinting at the universality of the musical language. She does it.

CM_SiseaI was in Cameroon the first time I heard her music. Seating in a packed truck, I was exhausted, sleep deprived, and stuck in one of Douala’s notorious traffic jams. The radio was on; my mind was off. Na Pii hit the waves and the atmosphere changed; so did my mood. At the time I had no idea what the song was about, but it touched where it hurt and made it better. I enquired about the singer, then I learned that the song spoke to our soul’s resilience. Someone had translated the comforting lyrics for me. Before I left, my cousin kindly offered me her copy of Coco’s latest album at the time – Sisea.

CM_sepiaCoco embodies cultural diversity through her eclectic musical style and lyrics, and her linguistic fluency shines through her songs. She describes her music as a “tree with deep African roots and branches that extend some towards classical music, some towards soul, gospel and jazz, and others towards Latin music and even pop music.” She sings about life, love, social justice – promoting cross-cultural understanding and respect. She sings in English and Duala, just to quote a few.

Coco_Serge NgandoCoco’s music is a family and love affair. She writes most of the songs, and co-produces the music with her husband, Serge Ngando Mpondo. Trained in jazz, Serge Ngando excels at the bass, double-bass and the guitar.

I don’t want to make this post too long, because I want you to get to her music as quickly as possible; that’s the good stuff! Please, enjoy. 😉

For additional information about Coco Mbassi’s music and to get in touch with her, visit:

CM_Album Jóao Coco Mbassi’s website
o Facebook
o YouTube
o itunes
o MySpace
o Soundcloud
o Twitter

Her latest album is Jóa. The singer thoughtfully translated the lyrics of her songs in English, with a recap in French. Her music is also on spotify. Enjoy!

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