Aleppo. Source AFP, via BBC.
Aleppo. Source AFP, via BBC.

This is happening today, and once again, the kidlit community is rising to the occasion by taking action.

You’re probably aware of the dire situation faced by countless innocent civilians in Syria right now, prisoners of a war between the government and the rebels for over five years. This week the legendary city of Aleppo is the main battlefield, and seem to have reached a gory climax.

Kidlit author Dana Alison Levy is spearheading #KidlitforAleppo, a spontaneous fast twitter-based fundraising initiative for reliable non-profits providing shelter and medical help to the Aleppo victims. She needs our help, and is calling on other authors to join. Read about the call for action below, from her website:

WHERE: TWITTER – look for the hashtag #KidlitForAleppo

WHAT: A group of authors will offer these prizes under the hashtag #KidlitForAleppo on Twitter. Prizes will include critiques, signed books, signed advanced reader copies of books not out yet, and more!

WHO: Anyone who donates to one of the following organizations, or another proven organization doing work on the ground in Aleppo. Just screenshot your donation (keep private info private, of course) and respond to the author’s tweet.

RULES: Only one prize per donation, using the honor system. Don’t be a jerk.

DONATE: Any one of the following organizations are amazing and worth your money:

There are other trustworthy organizations worth donating to, and certainly if people choose to donate that counts toward a prize. Some other groups mentioned here are also doing good work.

AUTHORS: If you want to participate, email me or just jump in tomorrow on Twitter, offering a prize for those who donate, using the hashtag #KidlitForAleppo. ”

For further information and to participate:

  • Look for the hashtag #kidlitforAleppo on Twitter
  • Click here to read Dana Alison Levy’s original blog post.

I recommend the following articles:

Thank you Dana, and thanks to anyone who cares. Please spread the word.

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