Black Comix Returns -- Source: Kickstarter
Black Comix Returns — Source: Kickstarter

What’s the buzz about:
A collection of art and essays showcasing the best African American artists in today’s vibrant comic book culture.

On this blogger’s bucket list (one can dream):
That a publisher contacts the creators — Professor John Jennings and Dr. Damian Duffy, offers them a book contract (if they so wish), and thus makes Volume 1 of this awesome collection available again in print. Thank you.

How this is changing the game:

We need reference books like this one on the market. Readers of all backgrounds, who are curious about diversity in the field of comic books, will benefit from this if they’re
1) looking to diversify their bookshelf,
2) being intentional about their reading (in this case, focusing on African American comix, their origins, and creators),
3) doing research on the topic,
4) wanting to keep up with up and coming comic books creators.

To support Black Comix Returns and for further information, head over to its kickstarter’s page.

If you’re reading this and the kickstarter is over, fret not. Black Comix Returns is on:
* Facebook
* Twitter

Its website,, is under construction at the time of this article.

Source: Kickstarter
Source: Kickstarter

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