Hi everyone, I hope that you’re well. This is a copy of a message I posted on my Facebook page:

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I’m helping Faithful Friends, a grassroots group, set up a book drive for the immigrants at the Yuba City County Jail. We’re making a list of 50 books (the limit we were given) and are looking for titles both in English and Spanish, some in Mandarin. Any thoughts? All titles need to be available in paperback.

Requests include all genres: mystery, thrillers, Latin American Folk Stories, psychology (more specifically something on facial gestures), horror/terror, romance, vagueros..

Some of the authors and titles requested are Children of the Matrix (Spanish), Life And Times of Pancho, Ringside Seat to a Revolution by Daniel Romo, Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson, the Frankenstein Series, Solo Para Hombres, books by Stephen King, Bernard Cromwell, R.A. Salvatore, John Grisham, etc. Thank you. Young adult titles welcome, too. Please share if you wouldn’t mind.

One of the most pressing needs of people who are in immigration detention is the need for simply “something to do”. Immigration detainees do not have access to programs designed to rehabilitate those serving sentences. In theory, immigration detainees aren’t in detention long enough to justify the expense of providing programs. However, the reality of an overburdened immigration court system means that many languish in detention for months and even years. Books are absolutely vital as an escape from the realities of immigration detention.

PS: Early book donations can be sent to MultiCulturalism Rocks!, 140 B Street, Suite 5 #237, DAVIS CA 95616. Thanks again.

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