Hi everyone,

Credit: http://www.uuss.org/immigrantjustice/faithfulfriends/

This is a follow up from last week’s post. I thank everyone who reached out with suggestions of books to add to the list (we’re limited the amount we can deliver at this time), and who already donated books. If you haven’t heard from me, it’s because I haven’t been to my mailbox yet. I was, however, notified of each package’s arrival, and I will make sure to confirm that I received your donation.

Susan Lange from Faithful Friends  and I just finalized an Amazon wish list based in big part on the requests we received, and from the suggestions that you offered.

Faithful Friends is a grassroots visitation groups for people who are in immigration detention at the Yuba county jail. 

A Wish List has been set up on Amazon under “Book Drive for Immigration Detainees at the Yuba County Jail”.  You can access the list directly though this link: www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2PANTPUVST9UY 
Please use the Shipping Address “Multiculturalism Rocks!” This is the address where the books will be collected, packed and brought to the jail. We hope you will consider donating a book or two!

If you wouldn’t mind, please share this post. We’re hoping to deliver the books ourselves before the holidays. A few will be mailed, so that they receive as many as we’re allowed to give.

Thank you again.

PS: For full disclosure, and here I’m wearing my pop-up bookstore hat, except for the joy of sharing books with avid readers in dire needs, I’m not benefitting in any way from this book drive.

If you would like to be involved in your state (visit immigrant detainees or otherwise advocate for their freedom), and help end immigration detention, please see below for a list of resources:

Freedom Network

Detention Watch Network

International Detention Coalition

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