There’s still time to apply to the SCBWI Work in Progress (WIP) Grant, and there is now a track for children’s book translators, too. See below for the message of SCBWI International Translator Coordinator, Avery Fischer Udagawa. Good luck!

For the first time, SCBWI has opened its Work in Progress (WIP) program to translators of children’s literature!

Beginning this year, translators can follow the instructions here and here to submit to the WIP Translation category. Submissions will be accepted March 1–March 31, Midnight PDT 2019.  

Translators should apply in the Translation category of the Work in Progress (WIP) program. They should submit a translation into English of a text that fits one of the following categories: Picture Book, Chapter Books/Early Readers, Middle Grade, Young Adult Fiction, Nonfiction. As part of the cover page/synopsis, they should identify the text’s category. In addition, they should give its genre, original author and language, original publisher and publication date (if published), and rights status (if known). Finally, they should describe why the text needs to be translated into English for young readers now. What is its relevance for the market?

Two other notes, based on questions that have come up:

  • Translators must be members of SCBWI to be eligible.
  • Despite the word “completed” here, where it says to send in “The first 10 pages (US letter size) of your completed manuscript,” translators need not have translated the full book on spec. All a translator needs to, or can, submit is 10 pages.

Any questions can be directed to myself, Avery Udagawa, at itc[at]scbwi[dot]org.

Special note: Recently, the entire Work-In-Progress program has transitioned from a grant program to an award program. This year, however, a $500 Translation grant will be given in recognition of the new Translation category. In addition, I hope to advocate for the grant funding to continue. If many translators submit high-quality entries in 2019, this will help to justify offering the WIP Grant for Translation annually. 

So give it a go! Format your manuscript and try for the 2019 WIP Grant for Translation! I wish you the best of luck.


Avery Fischer Udagawa

SCBWI International Translator Coordinator

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