I’m staring at my To-Be-Read pile of books to review, and it is staring back at me. A day, time and location have been chosen. These books and I will have a serious talk soon.

I’m still struggling to adjust to being back, and still processing all that I left behind. Still dealing with stress, but lucky to have work as an outlet to balance it out.

The pop-up bookstore will officially resume activities Sunday October 6, 2019, at the International Festival in Davis. For the occasion I am honored to welcome award-wining author and blogger Angela Dalton at the Multiculturalism Rocks! table, who will sign copies of her book, and excited to introduce her to some of the educators and readers in Davis.

I received boxes of children’s books from Dr Mira Reisberg before my trip to Cameroon. I am now sorting them out, and making donation baskets to support various local fundraisings.

This year again I’m sitting on the Davis Public Library Juneteenth Committee, and helping set up the event for 2020. Among other things I am collaborating with one of my favorite librarians on STEAM activities and freedom fighting, and integrating our enslaved ancestors’ African heritage to the mix. I can’t say too much about the activities yet, but it’s all super exciting!

On the creative front, I am revising two picture book manucripts. I was not able to attend the Breakout Novel Intensive workshop despite the generous scholarship. Instead my body broke down, so I unplugged socially and welcomed the forced bed rest. I’m attempting #Inktober again, a challenge to produce one inked drawing a day until the end of the month. Because my housemates joined the fun, I might actually complete the challenge this time. The drawings can be found on Instagram.

This is it for me. What about you? Feel free to share any update or news you’d like to celebrate. Wishing a great week and weekend!

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