A Baby Video, Thoughts on Mother’s Day, New Food Blog and Kid Lit Asian Festival!

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I’ll make this brief. I normally do not blog on Sunday but I couldn’t wait to share the following news with y’all! 🙂

First, It’s Just Food! You read well, Librarian/blogger Edi Campbele, whose Crazy Quilts focuses on books and social issues, started a new blog entirely dedicated to FOOD. I love love love it! Edi engages her readers in a reflection and discussion that challenges our relationships with food, and that definitely have the potential to positively influence the current nutritional landscape (i.e. in the U.S.), providing that her initiative encourages other to do the same. Well, to summarize, if you’re a food lover (who isn’t? We all need to eat at some point!), head over to Edi’s food blog!

Secondly, Tarie, of Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind, is currently attending the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in Singapore, which runs from May 6 to 9. She is the official blogger of the event, and you can read all about it on her blog. Here is Day 1, and Day 2! From what I’ve heard, some Asian American authors traveled to Singapore for the event. In addition to an account of the festival, Tarie also shares pictures of Indonesian delicacies! Yum!

Today is Mother’s Day: Happy mother’s day to all the moms! 😀
That said, Doret, from the Happy Nappy Bookseller, who is also a staff at Color Online, shared a deep and emotional post about carelessly wishing “Happy Mother’s Day” to strangers. I’m so glad she wrote the post; a few days ago I was thinking of the meaning and impact that that special day has on some, and then others…
You can find her post on Color Online!

Last but not least, my heart melts a bit just thinking about the following documentary: BABIES!

BABIES was released last Friday; the film features four babies from four different parts of the world: Mongolia, Japan, Namibia and California. We are transported in different cultures, we see how moms (differently) interact with their babies; we witness the daily activities, games, throughout a year of the babies’ lives. Are the rituals for a baby bath the same in Asia and Africa? To find that out and more, watch the movie. Los Angeles Times’ critic Betsy Sharkey says it is absolutely worth your time, and New York Times’ A. O. Scott agrees! 🙂

Here’s Betsy Sharkey’s video review, via YouTube:

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Friday Fun: Ndolè, a Cameroonian National Dish!


I couldn’t resist posting this video! 😀 The dish is pronounced “nn-DO-lay”, and the “n” is silent. I think that this video will bring back sweet memories to those of you who already went to Cameroon (hi Edi!), while entertaining those who haven’t been to that part of Africa yet. Cameroon is located in Central Africa, by the Atlantic ocean and right above the Equatorial line.

Ndolè is one of the must-have dishes when you visit the country, one that you are sure to find on any celebration menu, at any restaurant and unmistakably in a mom’s kitchen on a Sunday, when uncles and aunts and cousins of all sizes fill the living and dining room on sunny afternoon.

When I make the recipe (in the U.S.), I simply use spinach; indeed, cassava leaves aren’t easy to find in my neighborhood. I generally do not use any meat: simply spinach, peanut butter, and a few more vegetables. The chef in the video speaks Douala, which is the name of a tribe as well as one of the +260 languages spoken in Cameroon. The English translation is to your left on the screen, the first line in blue. Hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful weekend,

Nathalie 🙂