Foreign Books Worth Knowing: the YAKARI Series, by Job & Derib

Today I will keep the post short (it’s midterm season. Wish me luck!).

Yakari is a series I first discovered in Cameroon, a country where we’re fond of comic books and well, books in general. The series is also very popular in Europe, where it exists as a cartoon series. Yakari first appeared in Tintin Magazine. The author, known as Derib, is considered one of the icons of French comic books. He is particularly respected not only for being one the firsts to adopt minorities as main characters in his comic books in the late seventies, but also for reaching to young readers by launching a series with a main character diagnosed with AIDS, at a time where it was taboo to talk about such topics publicly, let alone to teenagers.

Here is the fact sheet:

Derib. Job. YAKARI. Cinebook, LTD, 2007
Genre: Hardcover comic Book, series
Issue/Topic: Adventure
Summary: Yakari is a young Native American Indian, who embarks on multiple adventures, several times saving his tribe from dangers and experiencing with the traditions of his culture, like having a vision quest of sort (dream of an eagle). He shares his adventures with his horse.
Application: The book will interest the reluctant reader as well as the child who loves animals…
Age: 8 & up.

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