Children’s Book Review: Going Down Home With Daddy

Multiculturalism Rocks! Children’s Book Review: Going Down Home With Daddy
Book Title: Going Down Home with Daddy
Author: Kelly Starling Lyons
Illustrator: Daniel Minter
Publisher: Peachtree Publishing
Age Range: 4 to 8 years

As summer approaches, so does a yearly tradition practiced by many families:
The Family Reunion. It’s a commemoration that brings generations together to
celebrate the roots of the Family Tree, to acknowledge generations and ancestors
past, and to pay tribute to the history of the important moments that keeps the
family united.
This is the powerful message Lyons and Minter capture in their new book, Going
Down Home with Daddy.
It’s reunion morning, and Lil Alan and Sis sleepily climb into the car as their daddy 
packs up to go down home. But Lil Alan’s excitement fades as he realizes he
still doesn’t have something to share at the anniversary celebration.
As everyone gathers together, Lil Alan is reminded of all the things that symbolize 
his family history: the land they own that stretches so far you can’t see its end, the
cotton grown on it that Granny used to make quilts to keep her children warm,
the pecan trees Pa planted that the grandkids now climb.
As the anniversary celebration nears, Lil Alan starts to panic. But when Daddy tells 
him to “think with his heart,” he learns that the simple act of remembering can be
the best family tribute of all.
When I first saw the cover of this book, I was awestruck; and that feeling didn’t 
stop once I began turning the pages. Minter’s use of rich, warm colors and dazzling
patterns – which are the perfect stylings for Lyon’s sublime storytelling – pull you into the story like a warm embrace. Going Down Home with Daddy is a wonderful homage to family and tradition.
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Children’s Book Review: Another

Book Title: Another
Author/Illustrator: Christian Robinson
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Age Range: 4 to 8 years

What if, one night, a portal appeared in your bedroom? And, when you stepped through
it, you found…another you. Christian Robinson’s debut children’s book, Another, is a
magical exploration of that premise.
Told only in pictures, the story follows a young girl who awakes to the light of a portal 
that appears in her bedroom.
When her cat chases what looks to be its twin, the girl follows and enters a bright and 
colorful world.
Soon, she stumbles upon other children in this mysterious world; and, quickly realizes 
that they are playing with alternate version of themselves. One little girl wears a red hair
tie, and her opposite sports a blue one. Two boys chase each other, one has a pink cast
and the other a yellow one. But the girl can’t seem to find anyone who looks like her.
And then, she does.
Throughout the book, Robinson moves the reader through the book with fun illustrations
and portals leading to other places. Every character we’re introduced to has an equally
fun opposite. There are also quirky surprises hidden throughout, so it feels like a new
experience with every read.

In a recent interview on Matthew Winner’s podcast, The Children’s Book Podcast,
Robinson explained his motivation for creating the book: 
“I knew it was important for me to create a picture book in which as many kids as
possible saw themselves on the page…And I thought, well what if they literally saw
themselves, like in a parallel universe?”
This book is a captivating read that little ones (and adults!) will get lost in for hours.
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You can also check this out or request it at your local library! #SupportYourLibrary