Friday Soup: A Round up of MC Awards, Cultural Diversity in the Army, Stew & The Negro Problem…

Hi everyone!

Hope that you’re having a wonderful day so far. 🙂

o Congratulations again to author, blogger and former editor-in-chief of the Multicultural Review, Lyn Miller-Lachmann. Her latest book, Gringolandia, won a honorable mention for the Americas Award and a gold medal for the Independent Publishers National Book Awards, in the children’s multicultural fiction category. In addition, I thought you’d be interested in the list of multicultural awards Lyn put together here. Thank you, Lyn!

o The above information reminded me of the POC reading challenge, whose organizers also compiled a list of awards honoring cultural diversity in children’s books. Check it out here.

o Publisher’s Weekly released its list of Best Books of 2010 on November 8. Have you read it?

o The following caught my attention while reading the news: “Sikh soldier completes US army training with turban on.” It made the news because this is the first the army welcomes a Sikh soldier in three decades, according to other outlets. The article is pretty interesting. I was mesmerized by the picture. It also reminded of the Lion’s Mane, a picture book written by Navjot Kaur and reviewed here several months ago. There’s no question that America is one of if not the most diverse place in the world. How great to see it somehow publicly acknowledged and accepted. Can’t help it. I found the pic beautiful and inspiring.

o Last but not least, in the fun section: a few weeks ago my school offered me a ticket to see a live performance of Stew, Heidi & the Negro Problem. Man, that was good! Stew’s band is awesome, and the singer himself has a honest, hearty, wicked, irresistible sense of humor while speaking his truth. If he’s ever in your area, please consider checking him out. You’d be in for a great time.

Have a great weekend,