LGBT Week: June 25th – July 4th


o LGBT week started today (June 25th) and is hosted by Rae, at her blog In the Forest. For the next ten days she will celebrate with book reviews and giveaways. One of the giveaways is a T-shirt (see pic), which is also on sale here. Part of the proceeds is donated to associations promoting marriage equality.

o LGBT books have been getting more and more attention in the media lately. Leanne Italie, an Associated Press writer, has a wonderful article titled “Books with Gay Themes for Young Readers Take Off,” which I highly recommend. 🙂

o I read a post last week, about an amazing fifteen-year-old teen called Brent. Brent’s blog, Naughty Books Kitties, is dedicated to books (obviously). Brent tells is like it is. He is openly gay and he fights for the publication and promotion of more books with LGBT characters (you go, Brent!). He reached out to librarians to help with the task. Read about it at Pinched Nerves!

o If you are a writer (or not) and have ever been tempted and/or frightened to include LGBT characters in your stories, author Malinda Lo generously shared tips on her blog on Avoiding LGBT Stereotypes in YA Fiction. I emphasize generously. I heard her speak at a SCBWI event, meaning people pay to receive writing advices from her. You have it all for free on her website, which also includes book recommendations and much more. It’s a great resource for both writers and readers. Her debut book, ASH, came out in September 2009. ASH is “Cinderella with a twist;” it’s the story of a girl who lost her mother, has two step-sisters, is in touch with the faerie world, and falls in love with a king’s huntress.

o It’s “The June 2010 Carnival of Children’s Literature” over at Lee Wind‘s blog! Lee shares the posts that impacted him the most this month, broken down by categories such as picture book, MG and YA reviews, creative process, business news… I have bookmarked the page.

I’m dying to know your opinion: what do you think of the current state of LGBT books?

Friday Fun: Poetry, E-book & More!

Hello everybody! I just realized that the blog is one month old. I want to tell you how much I appreciate you reading it– and hopefully enjoying it, as well as the words of support and the comments that you leave. It makes me especially happy when I see you address the interviewees. *Again, hat down for your support as I’m learning the ropes.* 🙂

Now back to the fun!

* Picture book writer and poetry aficionada Cheryl Cooney needs your help! Here’s what she says:
“I need some ‘priming for my rhyming’ for a new idea I am working on. It is a wonderful theme, a mother’s love for her child. (…) I am compiling pet names that I have for my own child, but I need MANY more.
I am working with a two syllable/one syllable combo. For example, Huggy Bug, Silly Goose, Cheesey Cheeks. So please give me that combo, I have to keep the same tempo. (…) the cheesier the better!!!”
To answer Cheryl, visit her blog @
Cheryl also wrote a poem expressing the feelings of confusion some of us might go through regarding the situation in Haiti. Hope you’ll read it! 🙂

* Since we’re talking about Haiti, some people expressed the desire “to do more” for the island, in addition to the donations already made. Writer Donna Earnhardt posted about a Tangible Way to Help.

* I was terrified of blogging before starting , one of the reasons being that English isn’t my native tongue. The first person I turned to for advice, probably without him even noticing my doing, was writer Lee Wind. I picked his brain over lunch, during a conference, about his blog: I asked how he got started, as well as all type of silly questions! That was a while ago. Lee has helped numerous bloggers over the past two years, and his advices are now available in The Zen of Blogging: 7 Steps on the Virtual Path to Real Success, an e-book that has already received several praises. I hope you’ll check it out. I can attest that his words are golden, and the price is quite affordable!

Lee is a seasoned blogger and a contributor to the Official SCBWI Conference Blog, which covers the organization’s events in great details.

*  Heartfelt congratulations to the winners and honorees of the ALA Book Awards! The agitation provoked by various cover controversies, as well as the situation in Haiti, occupied my mind and the blog most of the week (though I expressed my joy on fellow bloggers’ sites); that said I will comment and celebrate more extensively that event this coming Tuesday. I’m sure you’ve all heard of and checked the books already, especially the multicultural ones! 😀 In case you haven’t had a chance to do so, here is the complete list of winners. I also recommend Corinne‘s––excellent post which highlights the ALA Youth Media multicultural winners!

* For Sci-Fi fans: The Apex of World SF is a collection of “sixteen (science-fiction and fantasy) stories penned by authors from Thailand, the Philippines, China, Israel, Pakistan, Serbia, Croatia, Malaysia, and other countries across the globe.” To read more about it–including a really good review from the Library Journal, click here. From author and editor Lavie Tidhar: “We’ve been getting good reviews, some great readers – but we still need your help. Specifically – we need to sell 92 copies until the end of this month.”

* Last but not least: as you know I’m building a database of multicultural blogs on children’s literature for the site. I am aware of many, thanks to the wonderful bloggers community and especially to those who adopted that focus. I want to make sure that I don’t miss a name, so please feel free to leave recommendations in the comment section. Thank you!

Be safe and have a wonderful weekend!