Thursday Tip: People Watching

Today is another mini-challenge. The idea is simple, easy and potentially fun to execute. You pick your favorite public place, and instead of going with the flow, losing yourself in the crowd or hoovering over the latest bestsellers, arm yourself with a pencil and a notebook. Sit back, and observe the people around you. Pick one person. Write his or her story in ten lines. You can do it based purely on your imagination, or take clues from your observations (facial expression, clothes, etc…) 🙂

Thursday Tip: Take a Book, Sit & Type

I can’t remember at which conference I heard this advice, and who gave it; but I remember it being very good and useful, especially for an aspiring writer.

The steps are simple:

  1. Pick your favorite picture book–I’m a little bit curious… Title? 🙂
  2. Sit at your favorite writing spot with a writing device–your desk, a coffee shop, your bookstore or library…
  3. Open the book, and type the entire manuscript.

If you can and if it is an area of interest, make it a multicultural PB. What did you learn? How does it feel?

I’m doing this exercise with Show Way, by Jacqueline Woodson. I’ll be back later today to share my experience, and I look forward to reading about yours. 🙂

Merry Thursday,